«I am a hopeless optimist»

I am a hopeless optimist

«I am a hopeless optimist»

It was 4.30 am when 5 men broke into the house where Maiu's mother and brother live. They tied them up and mistreated them. For 2 hours, they not only stole things that were acquired with work and effort, they also caused emotional wounds that will take a long time to heal.

For 6 years, Maiu has been providing emotional management workshops at the San Martín prison and has helped hundreds of Spartans in their personal growth. It is a job that she is passionate about because she believes that “it is a way to recover a little kindness and generosity in a world riddled with violence.” A few days ago she visited the Gladiators and Union pavilions, where she offers her workshop, and shared a letter where she expressed everything she felt: a deep sadness for her loved ones and also for the 5 men that they were robbed.

In the letter, he confessed: “I still believe that I have the best job in the world, I still believe that we have to give love from the depths of our being to confront hatred, resentment and hopelessness with honor and dignity. Despite everything, I remain a hopeless optimist.”

After listening to her, her students from U47 and U46 reflected on it. Many of them had committed similar crimes, but never listened to their victims. “We feel your pain, Maiu”; “I felt a lot of guilt and relived horrible moments with your testimony”; “Sorry, although it was not me who stole from yours, I did that with others”; “I don't want to hurt anyone else”; “I realized that I stole dreams and projects, I always believed that I only stole money and that was not the case”; “Thank you for continuing to come.” It was a process of much introspection, but also the beginning of a healing process.

We sympathize with Maiu and her family and thank her for continuing to say yes to second chances. We know that change is possible when doors are opened to rewrite stories. We can see it in each Spartan who regains his freedom and manages to reintegrate into society, becoming a positive example for his families and communities.

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