"I am proud to be a student"

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"I am proud to be a student"

Soledad is a Spartan who in addition to loving rugby, discovered a different way of seeing life through education.

Being in the context of confinement, he completed primary and secondary school. Today she is studying Sociology at the San Martín prison and tells us what being a student means to her:

“Being a student is great because you realize that you are capable of doing a lot of things. You are with a blindfold saying “I can't” or “I can't study because I can't think of it” and you realize that if you take some time, you can see the capacity you have as a person, that you can be the same. than anyone who has a good job or is dedicated to a trade.

I didn't study on the streets because I didn't have the tools or someone to support me to do it. Although my family instilled study in me, other factors in my life were failing. Today I have the opportunity to study and for me it is a very important personal achievement. The truth is that it was difficult for me to get there but what I like most about being a student is that now I find myself in a different way in life.

I encourage my children to study and grow as a person. Studying filled many parts of me that were empty and today I am proud to be a student.”

Happy Student's Day to all the Spartans who are rewriting their history!

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