An invaluable friendship

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An invaluable friendship

Father Tommy Dell'oca has been a volunteer with Fundación Espartanos since 2019 and accompanies more than 100 men who want to rewrite their history in Unit 46 of San Martín.

Along the way of second chances, Tommy has made many friends. One of them is Yamil, who served as captain of the UNIÓN team and today, being free, he is part of Spartans Rugby Club.

At Friends day, we want to share this beautiful reflection that Father Tommy made the day Yamil regained his freedom and he was there to receive him:

“Dear friends… You know well what prison and UNION mean in my life and my priesthood. That place and those people made me paddle out into the deep in my vocation like never before. I had the tremendous gift and blessing of accompanying Yamil when he was released and taking him to his house. Today I dare to say that Yamil is a great friend and brother. With him I had very hard and deep talks, endless hugs, many laughs and many tears.

I never thought that a prisoner could mean so much to me, I never imagined that in that place Jesus would be waiting for me like I had never seen or experienced him. I never dreamed that prison would give me a brother.

It was a day that had everything. Anxiety to leave, stones that appeared at the last minute and threatened to get dark, hours that seemed eternal... Until we crossed the barrier... Yamil was free! It was a hug and tears that said more than all the words in the world... As we arrived at his house he was amazed by everything: the arrival home... indescribable. As Jesus said, “the son who was lost has been found” and all that was left was to celebrate love.

I witnessed that the gospel is a living word and is in each of us. Lend soul, life and heart, so that the spirit continues writing it... Thank you @fundacionespartanos for making me part of this madness.”

We wish all friends a happy day!

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